General Information

Things to keep in mind prior to the photo shoot occurring.

Please, vacuum and pick up any nonessential items, such as as kids toys, Declutter counter tops, this will give the potential buyer a truer sense of the size and feel. Put away daily items that might distract from the over all appearance of the rooms. This will also make for larger, more open area feel to the photos. In general the cleaner the house the cleaner the photos.

Please have pets both big and small removed from the house. If this is not possible please, have them contained in one location of the house that would not be photographed such as the garage.

Turn on all lights just prior to the scheduled photo session.

A walk through will be conducted prior to any photographs being made. This will give us any opportunity to discuss any special features that may not be apparent at a quick glance.

All photo sessions will only happen when either the realtor (preferable) or the home owner are present, with one exception, Twilight photos.